Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

My Warranty to You, Our Customer

The people in our company have many things in common, but first and foremost is knowing that quality and integrity in our relationships with each other, our families and customers alike is one of the most important things in life. Being true to this spirit is our pledge to you, for anything less diminishes the value of our services and our standing in the community.

We choose our employees, our products, design our systems, maintain and repair heating equipment with this principle and in doing so we hold our heads high and greet you with a smile for we truly thank you by honoring us with your business.

The specific warranty offered for each project varies by the requirements set forth by either you the customer, the utility granting a rebate or the manufacturers providing the products. The industry standard for a residential system is a one year labor warranty and the parts are warranted by the manufacturers for up to ten years.

Any warranty longer than this is usually an upgrade which has been built into the bid or is listed as an option at an additional cost. Please consult with the estimator who quoted your project as to the specifics and our warranty offerings.

Thank you for choosing Peninsula Heat Company. We will do our best to serve you well, most often with a smile.

Ken Lofstrom, President