What We Do

What We Do

Your home is your habitat. Make it a more habitable one.

If you drop a leaf in a river, do you know where it will end up, exactly? The air in your home is like the flow of a river, with its own currents, eddies, and quiet pools. It's our job to get the comfort you want - the leaf, so to speak - where you want it. Exactly. We take pride in being able to do just that.

We embrace your home as a climate in itself, and we want to know how you feel in that climate. We'll probably ask more questions than a lot of folks. If you have a cold spot in the back bedroom, or you think that your heating bill is higher than it really should be, we want to know. Taking the initiative to improve your indoor air quality and comfort is a great step on your part, and we want to make sure you get the most out of it.

Our installation evaluations are completely free of charge and usually take under an hour. In the course of an evaluation, we'll discuss your needs, look at your home, and go over the various options which might be appropriate for you. We tend to present our customers with the broadest range of choices possible, and it's very important to us that you have the tools to make a well informed decision.